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Black Haven - The Cleansing Storm MCD

Image of Black Haven - The Cleansing Storm MCD


Holy Shit! records
HS004 – release date: summer 2007


1 – The Cleansing Storm
2 – My Haven
3 – Thorns
4 – Hel
5 – Gloom
6 – Growing In Grace


“... like a gigantic wall of sound hitting you like a train and destroying as much as possible in the process. Only not sounding as cliche as this description. Others say they sound like Ringworm, Integrity and Entombed mixed together, which is quite correct, I guess. Another band that kept popping up while listening was Tragedy, on overdrive perhaps. Bust most of all Black Haven sounds raw and pissed.
Sure, Black Haven is a little bit slower and maybe also a bit more metal but other than that, their fellow countrymen Rise and Fall must have had a huge impact on them. And that's probably the biggest compliment I can give them. An enjoyable listening experience! 3,5/5” from Asice webzine

“Düster, schleppend und verdammt intensiv! Drei Attribute, die BLACK HAVEN aus Belgien wahrscheinlich am besten umschreiben. Ein wilder Bastard der sich aus der puren Wut von Rise and Fall und dem Nihilismus von Tragedy konstituiert und wie eine Dampfwalze über den Hörer hinweg rollt.” from